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As a non-profit founder, small business entrepreneur, church planter or community leader, you know the task in front of you. It’s urgent. And it’s next.

The challenges are real:

  • Funding

  • Brand & marketing

  • Strategic partnerships

  • Distribution

  • Volunteer teams and leaders

We solve these challenges through networks of relationships. We need new ways to build and sustain social capital.

We desire grassroots, authentic, and relational strategies for growing communities and networks.

We’ve been there. We started as a community in 2012. Since that time, we have experimented with a new approach to outreach and local missions through a series of events we called a “Friendraiser.” Each event featured a founder, their project, and their dream. Then, we brainstormed and “ideated” new ideas. We thought it was about ideas, but the truth is that it’s about engagement and empathy.

We watched our email list grow, but more importantly, we felt like we had become part of the fabric of our city. 

Recently we started training facilitators in our community to host and facilitate Popup Think Tanks for non-profits and small businesses. That makes them very generous.

We are on the verge of something that will change how we activate a “missional imagination” for generations to come.

We help leaders grow their impact with genuine partnerships. Our process makes it easy.