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Your Necessary and Next

How a Brief History of Everything Will Inspire You to Think Big

(And Then Do Something About It)

Register today so you can be challenged, comforted, inspired, and clear about what’s next. For you, your family, your work, and your community.

Wednesday, June 19
9:00a to 1:00p

Includes made-to-order lunch

Open Book
1011 Washington Ave
Mpls Minn 55415

*Free and easy off-street parking

Includes lunch and materials
(Popup Think Tank Facilitators: $45.00)

Who it’s for
This is a workshop for teachers, advisors, pastors, counselors, authors, leaders, marketers, consultants, artists, coaches, and parents.

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What we will discover

We’ll take an interactive approach to discovering evidence-based models from evolutionary psychology, family systems theory, and human development. From tribes to individuality to meta-culture, transform how you think, plan, read, innovate, write, serve, and lead.

Why is this important?

Without access to vibrant, applicable, and research-based insights, we risk making assumptions and forming mental models that can set back our work years, hurt key relationships, and keep us stuck in boxes that are no longer relevant. Break into your necessary and next.

What don’t we know?

Every group interacts with the content in a way that creates an experience that is as unique as the people in the room. This is why some attendees return for another workshop. We have a roadmap, a destination, and plenty to talk about. The rest is up to us.

Will this be “interactive”?

No one wants weird or awkward. That’s why we believe in the power of a well-facilitated experience. So we’re coming together as strangers to learn and discover, and we’ll leave the room feeling connected to others, ourselves, and the planet. Along the way, we’ll leave room for reflection (written and verbal), a few stories, and whatever surprises come our way.

Because your necessary must be next

The demands of our modern world force new questions about adaptability, agility, and flexibility – and many of us are in crossroads moments. Do we ditch, separate, cut and run? Or do we use our adaptiveness to not just fall in line but passionately create the emerging future? Can we carve out something together that works for everyone?

(Not just for those in transition)

Most of us are in some kind of transition. As our world labors the pain of transitioning to more inclusivity, depth, and justice, we experience similar transitions in ourselves. We live in systems, to be sure, but those systems live in us. Let’s create a space to talk about that.

I’m a bit of an analytic when it comes to coursework and ‘classroom’ learning and can be easily disappointed, bored, etc. But this was one of the best, most succinct and entertaining experiences of learning I’ve had in decades. Thank you!
— Terrie Ten Eyck, Corporate Consultant

Meet Your Presenter & Facilitator


Tim Schuster believes every founder deserves the opportunity to build a community around their project. As a Strategic Development Consultant at Thrivent Financial, a not-for-profit company with a mission to help people be wise and generous, he works on teams that test and launch new products, businesses, and partnerships. He is an NPR sustaining member and DIY landscaper. He lives in North Minneapolis with his partner, Kelsey, and their two daughters.

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A Brief Note About Us

The mission of Popup Think Tank is to build communities around difference makers. We facilitate experiences for nonprofit founders and small business entrepreneurs. From time to time, we offer workshops that allow for us to share our work and expertise, meet new people and potential partners, and enjoy a day learning and discovering together.

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