• ECMN Gathering Place (map)
  • 1101 West Broadway Avenue
  • Minneapolis, MN, 55411
  • United States

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Learn. Contribute. Be inspired.  

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Monday, July 16 | 7:00 to 9:00p

ECMN Gathering Space
(Next to Sammy's)
1101 W Broadway Ave
Mpls Minn 55411

You have ideas, thoughts, opinions, insights, feedback, tactics, strategies, and wisdom. And we want it all. 

Free off street parking behind the building. Dress casual and comfortable. Expect refreshment. This is not a fundraiser. 


About Street Cards

Do you ever feel helpless when you see someone standing on the corner holding a sign that says "anything would help?" Street Cards is a new non-profit in Minneapolis with a mission to serve the underserved using the technology so many of us have right at our fingertips. 


What happens at Popup Think Tank?

Step 1: Learn About the Mission

We'll take a few minutes to interview Andrea Bert, founder and leader of Street Cards, to learn about their mission, vision, challenges, and opportunities.  

Step 2: Offer Ideas, Wisdom, and Connections

Our facilitator will help us unearth the good ideas that are deep inside of each of us. Whether you are someone with years of business strategy experience or simply believe in the power of youth, all are welcome to participate - and many are surprised at what they have to offer!

Step 3: Celebrate the Difference Makers

After the event we'll put the ideas in an eBook and send it to Andrea and the team at Street Cards. (Event participants get a copy, too). As much as this event is about the ideas, it's also about celebrating those who are making a difference. Register today to see this process in action - and join in the creation of something our world needs. 



Building communities around difference makers.

Since 2013 we've hosted over 40 events for mission-driven leaders, startup non-profits, social enterprises, and innovative churches in the Twin Cities. Questions? Contact us.