• Mugshots Coffee Company (map)
  • 10518 France Avenue South
  • Bloomington, MN, 55431
  • United States

St Michaels Listening Event

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Wednesday, May 25 | 6:30 to 8:30p at Mugshots Coffee Company - Agora Room (France and Old Shakopee)


We want to truly and passionately live life with fullness and intention. As we connect to the causes and ideas that are bigger than ourselves, we gain perspective on this big, beautiful world we belong to.

But there are barriers. What kinds of groups or places facilitate that kind of life? Where, exactly, do we to connect with others with similar values and passions?

It’s easy to start to wonder if it’s even possible. Am I even capable of that kind of life or belonging to something like that? Is there something like that for me? 

That’s why we’ve developed a process to bring out the best in you and ourselves. A listening event is designed to hear how you’re thinking about faith, life, church and everything in between. At this event, there are no wrong answers. 

Are you under 35? You’re invited. Here is the plan:

1.      Register now for St. Michaels Listening Event and plan to arrive at 6:30. In the registration, let us know if you need childcare.  

2.      At the event, you’ll be invited to engage in several exercises and activities that are designed to facilitate meaningful conversation.  

3.      We’ll finish by 8:30. After the event, complete a 5 minute survey about your experience.

Register now.

A few more details:

The event is hosted by St Michaels Lutheran in Bloomington and facilitated by Midtown Community. The event will take place at Mugshots Coffee Company – Agora Room. The event is limited to 35 people and is for anyone under the age of 35. Dress casual. Refreshments provided.

Childcare is provided at St. Michaels starting at 6:00p. Drop off and come over to Mugshots. Let us know in the registration the first names and ages of your children.