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Nate and Melissa lead Immerse Discipleship. They offer community, prayer, and training. And they need your voice to help take it to a new level.

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Monday, August 20 | 7:00 to 9:00p

316 Brookview Parkway South
Golden Valley, Minn 55426

Do you have experience in ministry, business, or entrepreneurship? Do you know how to ask good questions, see problems, or come up with creative solutions? Join us to learn, contribute, and connect. 

Kids are welcome! 

Dress casual and comfortable. Expect coffee + refreshments. Facilitator-led. This is not a fundraiser. 

This event will be facilitated by a member of the Popup Think Tank facilitator member network. 


About Immerse

Immerse is a discipleship ministry that is redefining what discipleship looks like. Non-relational, distance-based discipleship models will no longer work in the modern Church. Immerse is discipling people in spiritual growth, inner healing, and ministry empowerment using connection-based principles that are transforming people's lives eternally. No one should have to disciple themselves.

"No one should have to disciple themselves. Immerse is cultivating a discipleship movement of transformation through face-to-face connection, storytelling, and identity formation."

From Nate and Mel:

"Immerse is facing a host of different challenges and we know we can't do this alone. You have a storehouse of experience and brilliance that would be invaluable to us."


What happens at Popup Think Tank?


Step 1: Learn From the Leaders Behind the Mission

We'll take a few minutes to interview the leaders of Immerse. We'll learn about the mission, vision, challenges, and opportunities.  

Step 2: Offer Ideas, Wisdom, and Connections

Our facilitator will help us unearth the good ideas that are deep inside of each of us. Whether you are someone with years of business strategy experience or simply believe in the power of new initiatives, all are welcome to participate - and many are surprised how much they have to offer.

Step 3: Celebrate the Difference Makers

After the event we'll put the ideas in an eBook for Immerse. But as much as this event is about the ideas, it's also about celebrating those who are making a difference. Register today to see this process in action - and join in the creation of something our world needs. 



Building communities around difference makers.

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