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We've partnered with Nicole McCoy Photography to offer free, professional headshots for non-profit founders, church planters, and small business entrepreneurs in the Twin Cities.

Request your invitation today. Spaces are limited. 

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Here are the details

Friday, August 24 | Select a 15 minute time slot between 1:00 and 4:00p.

Minneapolis, Minnesota (exact, outdoor location TBD)

If you are starting a non-profit or a business or a side hustle, you need a headshot. For instance, a professional headshot is necessary when:

  • Building a website or page 
  • Raising money or capital
  • Printing business cards
  • Seeking speaking gigs
  • Building social media profiles

Some people avoid a headshot because it feels like self-promotion – or its simply a luxury that not everyone can afford. But we can all agree - your professional headshot will look amazing.

So, let’s get you hooked up.

We’ve partnered with Nicole McCoy Photography to set aside an afternoon for headshots for founders. It’s free for non-profit founders, small business initiators, and church planters.

What do you say, shall we get some portraits going?


How it works

1)    Request You Invitation - Send your request and tell us a bit about yourself (2-3 minutes - we know you're busy)

2)    Grab Your Spot - Sign up for a 15-minute time slot on Friday, August 24 (outdoor location TBD in Minneapolis). 

3)    Smile! - Show up with a smile (or sassy grin).

4)    Watch Your Inbox - Get edited, full resolution photos (including full ownership rights) and put to use immediately. 


In case you are wondering

We want as many people as possible to benefit, so we cannot accommodate other locations.  

Photos will be shot and edited by Nicole McCoy. She is being incredibly generous with her time and energy – so we want to do everything we can to respect her talents and gifts. After all, it’s wedding season, too.

We have a strong preference for projects that are making a difference by tackling significant issues, but we encourage you to think about all the ways your project makes a difference. Job creation is a difference maker. 

We cannot do staff or team photos. We are concentrating on individual, solopreneur-type people who are bootstrapping, initiating, and side-hustlin' their new venture. 


Our mission is to build communities around difference makers. Learn how Popup Think Tank can help your build a community of brand ambassadors around your non-profit. 

And, of course, you may choose to engage Nicole for your next event, occasion, team photos, and photography needs. 

Request an invitation today!