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Fashion Meets Poetry is a mission-driven company based on the community platform of storytelling, beauty and bravery. Join us to learn more at a Popup Think Tank where you’ll be invited to contribute your expertise, wisdom, and ideas so together we can help take this project to the next level. 


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Tuesday, May 21
6:00 to 8:00p CT

A-Mill Artist Lofts
315 SE Main St
Mpls, Minn 55414

Do you have experience or expertise in marketing, business strategy, or non-profit entrepreneurship? Do you know how to ask good questions, see problems, or come up with creative solutions? Just like to learn about new things or brainstorm new ideas? Join us to learn, contribute, and connect. Yes, kids are welcome! 

Dress is casual and comfortable. Expect refreshments. This is not a fundraiser. Space is limited, please register. 


About Fashion Meets Poetry


Their mission is to create an empowering space for women to embrace the journey of life and the beauty of oneself through storytelling, knowledge and sisterhood. The goal is to provide every day women a platform to be witnessed and heard by sharing stories of struggle and strength and celebrating their beauty.


“Our internal personal struggles and past often hold us back from living empowered lives. Building a deeper connection with our stories, owning our truth and being witnessed has the power to change our lives.”

Lisa Harris, Fashion Meets Poetry



Meet Your Facilitator

Ann Kirby McGill is Chief of Think and Do at Concord Strategies. She is a trusted thought-partner who brings executive judgment and execution capacity. In both strategic and operational roles, she has advanced mission-critical goals inside and outside some of Minnesota’s finest public and nonprofit organizations. She has been a Popup Think Tank facilitator since 2018.

What happens at Popup Think Tank?


Step 1: Interview the Founder!

We'll take a few minutes to interview Lisa Harris, founder of Fashion Meets Poetry. The goal here is to get on the same page, learning about the mission, vision, challenges, and opportunities.  

Step 2: Contribute Your Ideas, Wisdom, and Connections

Our facilitator, Ann, will help us unearth the good ideas that are inside of each of us. Whether you are someone with years of business strategy experience, or you simply believe in the power of new initiatives, all are welcome to participate. Many are surprised how many ideas they have to offer once we get started!

Step 3: Celebrate the Mission!

After the event we'll put the ideas in an Idea Book for Lisa to serve their team in the long and short term. However (!), as much as this event is about generating new ideas, it's also about celebrating those who are making a difference. That includes Lisa, Ann, and you. Register today to see this process in action - and join in the creation of something our world needs. 



Building communities around difference makers

Popup Think Tank is a platform that connects social entrepreneurs and non-profit founders with trained facilitators so together they can host smart, bold, energetic, and fun events that build communities around projects that make a difference.

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