• East Side Enterprise Center (map)
  • 804 Margaret Street
  • St Paul, Minn
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Faith City is launching Easter of 2019. Join us to learn about Pastor Carl Johnson’s innovative vision - which includes a new grocery store, dinner church, and more.

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Thursday, November 15 | 6:00 to 8:00p

East Side Enterprise Center
804 Margaret Street
St. Paul, Minn, 55106

Do you have experience or expertise in marketing, business strategy, or non-profit entrepreneurship? Do you know how to ask good questions, see problems, or come up with creative solutions? Just like to learn about new things or brainstorm new ideas? Join us to learn, contribute, and connect.

Yes, kids are welcome! 

Dress casual and comfortable. Expect refreshments. This is not a fundraiser. This event will be facilitated by a member of the Popup Think Tank facilitator network. 


About Faith City Church

Every church a grocery store. The Storehouse in Dayton’s Bluff will serve as more than access to affordable, healthy food - it’s about telling a new story about what it means to solve hunger, physically, spiritually, and emotionally.

"Our mission is to bring the redemptive plan of Jesus to change lives by reaching families to have access to affordable food through discipleship and community." - Carl Johnson


Meet Your Facilitator


Brian Kiley has lived in the Twin Cities most of his life. Brian has a passion for encouraging missionally minded people, groups, and companies. He is a connector by nature and loves to help people put the pieces of the puzzle together. He has been a Popup Think Tank Facilitator since 2018.

What happens at Popup Think Tank?

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Step 1: Interview the founder!

We'll take a few minutes to interview Carl Johnson, Founder of Faith City Church. We'll learn about the mission, vision, challenges, and opportunities.   

Step 2: Contribute Your Ideas, Wisdom, and Connections

Our facilitator, Brian, will help us unearth and generate new ideas that are deep inside of each of us. Whether you are someone with years of business strategy experience, or you simply believe in the power of new initiatives, all are welcome to participate. Many are surprised how many ideas they have to offer once we get started!

Step 3: Celebrate the Difference Makers

After the event we'll put the ideas in an eBook for Carl and his team so they can have access for a long time. As much as this event is about generating new ideas, it's also about celebrating those who are making a difference. Register today to see this process in action - and join in the creation of something our world needs. 



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