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  • 1011 South Washington Avenue
  • Minneapolis, MN, 55415
  • United States

Business Modeling for Change Makers

Learn how to innovate your model, increase revenue, and grow your impact.

One Day Workshop at Open Book in Minneapolis

Thursday, July 11 | 9:00 to 4:00p

  • Establish earned income and diversify revenue streams

  • Rely less on grants and donors, and discover how to find a customer  

  • Implement research-based frameworks in your context

  • Discover the power of innovating business models

  • Be inspired by real life examples and case studies so you know what’s possible

  • Grow your impact and make a difference


Thursday, July 11
9:00 to 4:00p

Open Book
1011 Washington Ave

*Free and easy off-street parking

per team (reserve a table up to 5 people)
per individual

*Includes lunch and materials

Who it’s for

  • Nonprofit leaders seeking to diversify revenue streams

  • For-profit organizations seeking to make an impact

  • Social enterprises and impact ventures

  • Startups, pivots, and re-launches

  • Experts and novices, second-career, undecided, exploring

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It’s a workshop. Come to work.

  • You will leave with knowledge and exposure to the business model generation and value proposition design framework

  • Leverage real-world use-cases to inspire and stretch your thinking for what’s possible

  • Come with problems to solve and barriers to overcome

  • Iterating and getting feedback in real-time, saving months of labor and time

  • Yes (!), we’ll use posters, post-it notes, and honor the tenants design thinking (bias for action, prototypes, make to learn)

  • Conclude the day with testable hypotheses that you can execute so you can reduce risk and uncertainty


Whether you’re collaborating with your team team or participating as an entrepreneur, we’ll create a space of give-and-take so we can optimize for who and what is in the room.


Why this and why now?

The world is quickly changing and everyone is a beginner. We’re adapting, growing, stretching, and re-imagining. Mission-driven organizations feel the pinch, and need new revenue streams to sustain themselves. It all starts with paradigms and frameworks. The good news is that we can discover and create business models. Whether this workshop protects your business from $100,000 mistake - or it leads to generating $100k in new revenue, the investment is worth your time and energy.

Meet Your Presenter & Facilitator


Tim Schuster believes every founder deserves the opportunity to build a community around their project. As a Strategic Development Consultant at Thrivent Financial, a not-for-profit company with a mission to help people be wise and generous, he works on teams that test and launch new products, businesses, and partnerships. He is an NPR sustaining member and DIY landscaper. He lives in North Minneapolis with his partner, Kelsey, and their two daughters.

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A Brief Note About Us

The mission of Popup Think Tank is to build communities around difference makers. We facilitate experiences for nonprofit founders and small business entrepreneurs. From time to time, we offer workshops that allow for us to share our work and expertise, meet new people and potential partners, and enjoy a day learning and discovering together.

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