Home Gathering!


Home Gathering with Tim and Kelsey Schuster

Thursday, March 9
7:00 to 8:00p-ish

Home of Tim and Kelsey Schuster in North Mpls (we'll send the address when you register) 

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Are the rules of “outreach” changing?

You’re invited to join Tim and Kelsey Schuster for a living room conversation about:

  • The future of social innovation in the Twin Cities and beyond   
  • How building social capital almost always means giving it away
  • New strategies and tactics for cultivating diverse networks with redemptive, relational practices
  • How churches, community groups and missional communities are facilitating the Midtown Friendraiser™ to further their missions by helping the missions of others

Includes desserts and the like. Dress casual. Meet others. Space is limited.