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  • Minneapolis, MN, 55415
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Making Change in a Changing World
Spiral Dynamics Workshop 

Wed, Aug 24 | 9 to 11a

Open Book (1011 S Wash Ave Mpls Minn 55415)

Business strategists, spiritual leaders and non-profit executives seek to leave a mark on the world. We work to move the needle on closing the gaps in food, housing, jobs and education in the Twin Cities and beyond. In order to do so, we pursue multiple bottom lines: financially, socially and environmentally.

Enacting change in a changing world feels daunting. Our world is fast-paced and fluid. New technology platforms increase the need for cultural competency. Why does it feel like I will never agree with a particular someone? It feels like we live in different worlds.

We often lack opportunities to access thoughtful, research-backed frameworks for making sense of human culture, behavior and development. Meanwhile, the search for personal meaning, impact and connection continues. Where am I in all this?

Spiral Dynamics is an accessible framework for understanding the dynamic forces of human behavior and development. When I learned it two years ago, it gripped my heart and imagination. I’ve dived in deeper. Now I’m ready to continue learning by sharing it with a wider audience.  

A two-hour learning adventure in a cohort of 20 people in an intimate, informative and interactive setting.

Register today to learn a framework for human behavior and development that you will utilize for years. Then integrate the concepts for immediate application. If we’re successful, together we will leave equipped to navigate our world with more clarity and authenticity.

In other words, come and discover how raising a family is like running an oil company. We’ll also discuss the presidential candidates in a new light. Other topics may include professional success, travel, change, human connection, food, the invention of the automobile and your favorite sports team.

Reserve your spot TODAY for Wednesday, August 24 from 9a to 11a at Open Book in downtown Minneapolis. There is a coffee shop on the first floor – and our meeting spot is at the top of the stairs. 

I like everything about this! Hugely intellectual and emotional, indisputably thought-provoking. I truly appreciated this and feel the immediate effects of ‘brain expansion.’ Invaluable teaching.
— Jackie Kuiper, Allium Awake Retreats and Bankruptcy Attorney
I loved all of it! Incredible model for viewing the world, and the organizations (in whatever form) that exist within it. Great flow, amazing job presenting.
— Matt Cosgriff, Founder of LifeWiseAdvisors.com

Presenter Bio
Tim Schuster is the Founder of Midtown, an organization that supports social entrepreneurs, non-profits, and individuals who are aiming to make great change in the world. He also works with brightpeak financial as Sr. New Business Development Specialist. He lives in North Minneapolis with his wife, Kelsey, and their daughter, Joslyn.