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Sunday, July 17 | 6:00 to 8:00p

Are the four “C”s of the North Loop: coffee, cocktails, condos, and church? Marissa Sotos and the ELCA are intent on finding out.

The North Loop is a fast-growing area wedged between downtown Minneapolis and the Mississippi River. What used to be old warehouses and a forgotten corner of the city has become a bustling center for design firms, high-end shopping, and trendy cocktails. We want to ask the question, what is the fabric holding this all together? Where does spiritual community fit and form?

Newly ordained and sent with the blessing and support of Central Lutheran Church, Marissa Sotos hopes to “plant” a new community in the heart of it all.

They’ve done their research. They know the demographics (did you know that most residents of the North Loop are single men?) Marissa and her crew know the best place to get an Americano or Manhattan. Now all they need is your ideas, insights, and creativity.

What the heck is a Friendraiser?

It’s a two-hour event where 40-ish people learn about a leader and their idea to make the world a better place. Sometimes it’s a new nonprofit. Sometimes it’s a temporary project or simply an entrepreneur who wants to create jobs. Either way, it’s a positive contribution to our world. 

After an interview, participants choose groups for brainstorming and ideation. We will fill up an entire wall with hundreds of ideas. As it turns out, people are often surprised at the quality and quantity of ideas they can come up with.

But it’s more than ideas. It’s about weaving together the fabric our city. It’s about connections. And as much as it is about the groups we serve, this event is about YOU. It’s about your passion and what makes you come alive. 

Will you join us for a Friendraiser for a new church community in the North Loop?

A few more details: Leave your checkbook at home. No ask for money at this event. Dress is casual and comfortable. Refreshments will be served. Free parking. Please register.