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The Creative Process

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Sunday, June 12 | 6:00 to 7:30 at Midtown Community / Andrew Riverside | 403 SE 8th Ave, Mpls Minn 55414

Just blocks from the Stone Arch Bridge and west of University of Minnesota. Free parking. Casual dress. Light refreshments. 


Whether you’re creating music or entering fatherhood or writing a blog or crafting taglines or hunting for a job or starting a business, you are creative. In fact, all of human life is creative because all humans are taking part in the ongoing creation of the world

Actually, it’s terrifying. To bring something into existence? What will people think? What about the reality that it might not work? Yet, we feel compelled. And we keep reading.

What we often lack are the words to articulate where we are at in the process.  

Register now and plan to attend. Here is the plan:

  • Learn why it doesn’t matter if it’s “been done before”
  • Make the necessary space in your life for the birth of something new
  • Determine strategies for not just dealing with, but thriving on criticism
  • Discover why bravery and courage aren’t that great for dealing with fear

We’ll keep the event simple. First, we’ll debunk the myth that only artists and painters can be creative. Then we’ll talk about the challenges of creativity – and why boundaries can be our friend. Then we’ll uncover the (a?) creative process based on the work of Steven Pressfield, Ted Orland, Tom Kelley and Rob Bell and others.

Wherever you are on your creative journey, this event is for anyone who wants to bring something new into existence (including your own life).

BONUS: Free gift for the first ten to register before June 8, 2016.

The Midtown Community is testing the theory that relationships fuel the engines of social change and creativity. We often host events called "Friendraisers” for missional/startup groups. In this case, we’ll raising friends through a conversation about creativity. As with all Midtown events, we rely on a variety of voices to craft the experience.

All are welcome. REGISTER NOW!