What To Do When You’re Waiting for Success


A few thoughts on keeping busy.


By Tim Schuster


We have to keep busy, you know.

When we’re waiting for success to come our way, let’s talk about what we can do to keep our minds occupied.

Talking to people is a good place to start. When it comes right down to it, building a business or launching involves talking to people. What does that look like? It looks likes sharing stories and picking up the tab for coffee and getting appointments on the calendar. Its interviewing, learning, driving, selling, winning, learning, and learning some more. Why meet with people?

  • Potential win-win partnerships

  • Gain new ideas and wisdom. Yes, wisdom.

  • Get feedback, challenge assumptions

Another thing to do when we’re waiting for success? Create stuff. Whether it’s graphics or strategies or plans or research or written words, a great thing to do while we’re waiting for success to come is to create some things that add value. Why create stuff?

  • A make-to-learn approach is essential in this fast-moving world (show, don’t tell)

  • Prototyping solutions results in more authentic, accurate reactions

  • Content that adds value to leads or prospects is necessary  

Lastly, learn a new skill. It’s easier than ever to learn graphic design or accounting or coding or lumber-jacking. Of course, as a leader, consider intangible skills, like strategic thinking, delegating, and networking. Take your pick. Once you’re successful, you’ll wish you had those skills. Here’s why:

  • Keep your skills current, they say

  • But also: sharpening a new part of the brain sharpens other parts of the brain

  • Doing it yourself is sometimes the best way to do it

So, there you go. This is what to do when you’re waiting for success.

When all else fails, everyday we have the option to work hard. And as long as we’re waiting for success to come our way, we may as well build relationships, create stuff, and learn new skills. And, of course…

…maybe the more importing list is what not to do when you’re waiting for success (sulking, brooding, shopping, eating, scrolling newsfeeds, complaining are a few that come to mind).


Tim Schuster is Founder of Popup Think Tank where they build communities around non-profit founders and small business entrepreneurs. He also works with Thrivent Financial where he and his teammates design, test, and launch social businesses. He lives in North Minneapolis with his family.



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