Colorado Startup Non-profit Will Care for the Caretaker


Organization Snapshot

Name: Grant A Dream
Mission: Refresh and restore the caregiver physically, mentally, and emotionally by providing them with a rejuvenating tailor made experience.
Founder: Ann Townsend
Location: Denver, Colorado
Year: 2018

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Caregivers are the moms and dads who are sacrificing and giving everything to help their children who have been diagnosed with a chronic or life-threatening illness - or Autism Spectrum Disorder. “Caregiver burnout” is a state of exhaustion that may be accompanied by a change in attitude -- from positive and caring to negative and unconcerned. The mission of Grant A Dream is to refresh and restore the caregiver physically, mentally, and emotionally by providing them with a rejuvenating tailor made experience.

“We do something so special for the Caregiver through their experience that it will give them something to be excited about and look forward to. We give them a way to make new memories that they never dreamed possible.”

Ann Townsend | Founder, Grant A Dream

Grant A Dream & Popup Think Tank

Non-profit founders and leaders are constantly building relationships to engage volunteers, recruit leaders, and develop partnerships. Popup Think Tank leverages the power of brainstorming to not only generate new ideas, but to also build ownership, engage hearts & minds, and grow supportive communities around difference makers.

Meet The Facilitator

Popup Think Tanks are facilitated by trained facilitators who are not compensated for their leadership. They are incredibly generous professionals and individuals who give their time and energy to mission-driven founders and leaders.

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Anya Vincenti is a native of Denver, Colorado and lover of all things outdoors. Anya deeply cares about genuine and authentic relationships with her friends and family which is reflected in her career as a representative of the world’s premiere vacation club. She has been a Popup Think Tank Facilitator since 2018.



“It was an incredible day, so many friends & family came & supported. We received so many amazing ideas, people wanting to volunteer & connect with us. I had many great conversations with other caregivers, tears were shed & hearts were touched. I am grateful to you for offering this opportunity to us. I can see how it will definitely help move us forward. The format and plan that you have in place to help new groups is phenomenal. And it definitely works!”

Ann Townsend, Founder, Grant A Dream 

Outputs & Outcomes

While people come together to ideate and brainstorm new ideas, the outcomes of the event are increased ownership and engagement. This results in a community of brand ambassadors who are excited to support the cause in a way that makes sense for their interests and level of commitment.   

Check out the eBook-PDF created for Ann Townsend and Grant A Dream.

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