Andy Jolivette & Align Coaching

May 2019 Event Recap


Organization Snapshot

Name: Align Coaching
Mission: Help people live in alignment with what is most important to them.
Founder: Andy Jolivette
Location: Minneapolis, Minn

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Too many people feel unhappy, unfulfilled and stuck. We help people reclaim their life and career by aligning them with their values.
— Andy Jolivette, Founder | Align Coaching

Align Coaching & Popup Think Tank

May 2019

Popup Think Tank leverages the power of brainstorming to not only generate new ideas, but to also build ownership, engage hearts & minds, and grow supportive communities around difference makers.



Meet the Facilitator

Allie Palmer

Popup Think Tank Facilitator

As a public speaker, writer and strategic program developer, Allie Palmer is the founder and director of several non-profits that seek to train children in practical skills, character development and help parents engage in the process. In addition, she has initiated a game providing women a way to strengthen their relationships, while impacting broken lives. She loves "think tanking" problems and finding out of the box solutions. Allie has been a Popup Think Tank Facilitator since 2018.

A big thanks to the First Dates (music), Broken Clock Brewing Cooperative (venue), and Rye Mohler (photos).

Outputs & Outcomes

While people come together to ideate and brainstorm new ideas, the outcomes of the event are increased ownership and engagement for the mission. This results in a community of brand ambassadors who are excited to support the cause in a way that makes sense for their interests and level of commitment.