How would you describe a Friendraiser to a friend? We ask this question to just about everyone who attends one of our events. We thought we'd share our favorites. 

1. "It's like Mother Teresa learns design thinking and goes on Shark Tank."

2. “Great idea bank helps us track current directions of creative entrepreneurs.”

3. “Swept away with community.”

4. “In just a few words, a chance to learn about a great non-profit/organization, hear their struggles, and then brainstorm ideas with a small group that are not discounted, but deeply listened to. Make connections with people, yourself, and ideas.”

5. “Energizing. Momentum building. Exciting. Vision enhancing. Possibility raising. Joy-full. Fun!! Affirming. Engaging. Connecting. Building. Creative.”

6. “An energizing, quick, free and fun way to make a difference in the life of a worthy cause or non-profit organization.... which makes a difference in the world!”

7. “A concentrated, ‘high octane,’ focused brainstorming session.”

8. “An exhilarating, enlivening opportunity to learn about people and agencies doing good in the world, and to help them.”

9. “Coming together as a community to crowd-source ideas and innovation to help an important project grow to the next level.”

10. “Gathering of great people, with amazing hearts to share the knowledge and experience they have been given for the good of others!”

11. “Crazy good connecting.”

12. “An extended and facilitated combination of brainstorming and focus group interaction.”

13. "It was an intentionally serendipitous gathering."

14. “Terrific experience. Well worth attending.”

15. “Friendraisers are where people come together in a dynamic space to come up with ideas to help organizations find solutions to their most pressing challenges.”

16. “I would describe it as a fantastic opportunity to share what you know--and learn some something new--all while helping a worthwhile organization out.”

17. “I might describe a Friendraiser as a two hour opportunity to offer humble and forthright feedback and insights to an established organization while meeting people with a similar interest.”

18. “Free flowing, energetic conversation.”

19. “A truly fun and engaging way to share ideas and get involved in our local communities!”

20. “It's a gathering of people who are stoked to be part of a crowd-sourcing process that could help an organization overcome a challenge.”

21. “Quick, but meaningful way to contribute to great community ideas and meet incredible people who care about creating positive impact in the Twin Cities!”

22. “Enjoyable and interesting -- being in community with many folks I knew and didn't know talking about something of great interest to me was a treat. I like "participating" in community in this way - there are so few opportunities to do so.”

23. “A group of people who get together to help someone brainstorm ideas for a project.”

24. “A unique space to brainstorm and be inspired by people around a specific issue, to create positive change in our communities.”

25. “An awesome event where you get to talk to and meet a lot of very interesting people.”

26. “Idea intro, interaction, and connection.”

27. “Energizing, filled with laughter and much joy; fulfilling; community sharing.”

28. “Joy-filled experience of spiritual communion in the service of practical, positive change.”

29. “Informational and inspirational.”

30. “As complete strangers come together in the name of supporting the development of an impactful idea, organization, or social venture, a remarkable transformation occurs. For a few hours, a room is filled with energy, dreams, charisma, strategy, and partnerships, as an idea is brought closer to reality in the name of regenerating our broken world.”

31. “It's an evening to support an idea and in turn you will feel more connected to the world then when you walked in the door.”

32. “A chance to help people grow their ideas and bring them to fruition. Fun format; lively, encouraging atmosphere. Great snacks; good nutrition. (Huge thanks for that!)”

33. “This format and idea are inspiring and hope producing. You meet fascinating people who want to make a difference in the world.”

34. “Crazy fun dance with the Holy Spirit!!!!”

35. “An open think-tank for up-and-coming organizational/entrepreneurial ideas and individuals who need honest feedback.”

36. “Energizing, encouraging, interesting, very fun:)”

37. “Brainstorming with 30 of your best friends whom you've just met.”

38. “I think it's a mystery that needs to be experienced.”

39. “Coming together as a community to crowd-source ideas and innovation to help an important project grow to the next level.”

40. “It gives the opportunity for people that support you and what you do the chance to provide information, ideas, resources and opportunities in an atmosphere that promotes creative dialogue and actionable tasks that assist in growing your organization!”

41. “It was a large scale brainstorm session, created on a base of good will, energized by shared ideals, in a generous and open space, with skillful, caring leadership.”

42. “A great way to connect with other people interested in positive change.”

43. “A wonderful opportunity to grow as a person and to explore different organizations that might be the best fit for your personal commitment to make the world a better place."

44. “Convening with purpose, brainstorming, creating energy and a community of support.”

45. “Like a delicious meal at your favorite local restaurant: a treat with phenomenal conversation.

46. “Idea reservoir to assist in sustaining purposeful work in our communities of the Greater Twin Cities area.”

47. “We all bring our assets and liabilities to 'the table'."

48. “A Midtown Friendraiser is a great way to gather for a great cause and utilize the assets I bring while allowing the assets of others to compensate for my blind spots.  This is the very essence of partnership, friendship, and relationship.”

49. “A guided brainstorming session of diverse perspectives and experiences. A way to build ownership and interest among your network for your project, without the usual request for money at the end."

50. "It was an event that brought together a medium group of folks to assist with pushing an idea forward in a matter of a few hours.”