Introducing: Strive Publishing

Evening with Mary Taris included a compelling vision, challenges, opportunities, new friends, and a lot of new ideas. 

Location: Minneapolis, Minnesota 

Mission: Strive Publishing's mission is to publish African-American picture books and young adult novels with stories from the African-American communities that are contemporary and relatable. Through supporting emergent African-American authors, we aim to affirm our stories, and to inspire our readers to achieve their dreams for generations to come.

Founder: Mary Taris

Key Quote: "There' s more to the narrative than slavery and the Civil Right s Movement. There are people making a way today. We read, too. We have stories , too. And we make a difference in our communities."




The biggest challenge with starting Strive was finding an effective way to promote a mission to publish children’s books that affirm and inspire African-Americans. That challenge made me feel overwhelmed at times, and I realized that I would need to ask for help, which is something that is hard for me to do.

As a result of Popup Think Tank, Strive has changed from one woman’s struggle to promote the company’s mission, to what feels like an army of warriors bringing strength, life and action to the mission.

With Popup Think Tank, I connected and reconnected with friends and coworkers on a more meaningful level, and we discovered various connections within the group that are mutually beneficial.

Everyone should experience Popup Think Tank because it embodies the beauty and power that is generated by a diverse group of people sharing and working together.

I would like to add that Popup Think Tank helped me to see that as a small business owner, I can bring more value to the community by allowing the community to bring value to my business - by allowing others to help me carry the mission (or the load) forward - striving together.
— Mary Taris, Founder, CEO/Commissioning Editor, Strive Publishing