Use What You Have (And Be Who You Are)

By: Tim Schuster

Last year I started to think about changing the service we use for our email marketing and automation. I wanted some more tools and features for automation – and I had heard about some other brands and services (rather: they found me on my newsfeed as soon as I started searching). So I went to work, doing my due diligence with these other services. 

I checked our 3 or 4 additional services. After phone calls with sales people and product demos and price comparisons, I was about to pull the trigger. Then I was looking around on our current email system. With just a few clicks – just little digging around outside of my usual activities on this platform – I discovered that the service I was using already had the functionality that I needed. As it turns out, I didn’t need to make a change or buy something fancier – I needed to take a fresh look at what was already there.

In so many cases, I believe we already have what we need. We have tech, tools, relationships, books, community, purpose, energy – using what we have and looking at what we already have at our disposal is always worthwhile.  

Whatever it is that you're looking for - you may already have it. Whether it's new help or system upgrades or a new tools, it may already be part of your suite, network, or toolbox. 

And, of course, while we're at it, the close cousin of use what you have is be who you are. Be who you are. Be more of you who you are and be more of that person every single day.