Learn how to raise money for your non-profit so you can pursue your mission with confidence

By Tim Schuster

You are starting a non-profit or church because you feel it deep in your bones. This thing needs to happen. And it will happen because that is what you are supposed to do. 

And you know the journey ahead will have twists-and-turns, stretching you in new and incredible ways. It’s what you signed up for.

That also means that it is up to you to ensure you have the resources to pursue your mission. No one is going to do that for you.

This raises tough questions.
How do I determine our needs?
Who do I ask?
And for how much?
Online crowd-sourcing or hosting events?
I truly believe God will provide. But how?

It’s personal, too.
What will my friends and family think of me?
Is it okay to raise money for my job?
How do I respond to a “no”?
(How do I respond to a "yes"?) 

We’ve been there. That’s why we designed a fundraising framework that shifts our mindset from fear, scarcity, and transaction to curiosity, story and relationship.

Because when we ask friends and family for money from a place of freedom, joy, mission and story, the ask itself is a deep and intimate process of discipleship, transformation, spiritual formation, cultivating joy in the world. 

Based on the emerging, behavioral research on generosity, Habit of Asking offers learning experiences, resources and tools to help you raise money so you can pursue your mission with confidence and freedom.

We're launching a three week, four-session Online Intensive on January 15th. Learn more and register today!