“What a great idea!” That is what I heard over and over as I shared and invited people to the Friendraiser to support my project at Stories Foundation, including our new food truck. What a relief to be able to invite people to something that so resonates with my heart and vision. To say this isn’t about money, it is about individuals and what we as individuals can do when we collectively come together to dream and encourage and act.

Midtown Community’s coming alongside grassroots nonprofits to provide a venue, snacks, and safe place to brainstorm and ideate is one of the most refreshing models I have seen recently. To say it is a privilege to have had the opportunity to partner with them is an understatement. Not only was their space and facilitation safe, it was serious in its purpose, sweet in it’s encouragement and full of fun in its execution.

From my first meeting with Tim I felt I had found a friend and ally. Walking the road of standing up for a cause can be lonely. What Tim and the people behind him do in bringing different people together to be part of the foundation that lifts others up is what it takes to bring change.

I loved seeing people take my vision and expand on it. I loved the care and intentionality the Midtown Community team put into planning the tables and themes at our Friendraiser. I loved the conversational way that our facilitator led so that I was able to share who we are and what we are doing. I was humbled to hear the encouragement from the people who attended, people I knew and people I didn’t. Most of all I loved that a group of people took my vision and made it their own. They promoted it, they championed it, they tied themselves to us and what we are doing. They shared our burden.

Thank you Midtown Community! You have chosen to go down a road encouraging people and partnering in dreams and passions and your work is making an impact. 



After each Friendraiser, the Midtown team formats an eBook with pictures, quotes and ideas generated at the event. Check it out!