We all want to belong to something bigger. Whether you live in North Minneapolis or you are a supporter of the good things happening in our city, we all benefit from closing the gaps in food, jobs, housing and education.

Many who live in North feel a lack of supportive community for the times when we face adversity. Many have doubts about moving to the community.

Government programs aren’t working. The market forces and the American dream are not working. Protesters come and go.

We need a new presence. We need to grow connective tissue between persons, families, businesses, schools, and cultural enclaves. We need to know one another in a community of diverse incomes, races and ways of life.  

We understand. Many of us live there. Or we are thinking of living there. We also understand the power of human relationships and connections. At Midtown Community, we are at our best when we bring together passionate people around leaders with new ideas to overcome challenges.

Don Samuels is one of those leaders. And he has a vision for North Minneapolis that is worth hearing – and we couldn't do it without first bringing together a group of people for a “Friendraiser.” 

More than 50 people gathered to learn about a vision for a new kind of network in North Minneapolis. 

Then the leaders of Midtown facilitated a process where participants contributed their thoughts, ideas, concerns, experiences and wisdom. No money was asked for at the event. 

Will the story of North Minneapolis end up as just another racially and economically isolated and disconnected place where most people would never choose to live? Or will a group of people – faithfully, vibrantly and methodically – rise up in connection to one another? 

That story has yet to be told - but there is a group of people well on the way.

Check out the eBook we created after the event for the leaders of Northside Living. It's available as a free download. 

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