Popup Think Tank events bring people together to learn about important projects and brainstorm new ideas.


30 people. 2 hours. 100’s of ideas.


We use an energetic, bold, and smart approach to building engagement around brands and leaders who make a difference.

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Leaders and founders are using Popup Think Tank to

Launch projects. 

Solve problems.

Test ideas.

Mobilize communities.

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A new way to launch a project.

The energy and support you need to get your project off the ground. Let others contribute ideas to your big idea.

Important problems can’t be solved alone.

What we discover over and over is that brainstorming is about more than new ideas - it’s about generating engagement.

Bringing civic engagement back.

We need spaces and environments that promote dialogue and humility.


“I was able to see people who had the same fire and passion I do”


“Before the event, the biggest challenge I was facing was networking with people as passionate and aggressive as I am. It felt like I was on an island and that people don't take this seriously enough. With Popup Think Tank, I was able to see people who had the same fire and passion I do. People that are willing to seriously go after this issue and meet it head on. I plugged in with some amazing people and we are already planning on getting together and getting some things done. I just really appreciated the kindness and great spirit. It was amazing.”

- Jeremy Witt


Popup Think Tank events are open to those who are open to possibilities.

  • Meet new and interesting people

  • Gain new perspective on your own ideas

  • Network, collaborate, engage

  • Exercise divergent thinking muscles

  • Lively, engaging conversation

  • Discover how today’s issues align with your passion and purpose


Your ideas, your perspective, your experience, and your wisdom are needed.


Sample table topics

 Marketing - How do we tell the story?

Fundraising - How do we sustain this financially?

Volunteers - What does the ideas experience look like?

Partners - How can we make win-win arrangements?

*We work with founders to shape table topics for their event


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“But I don’t have good ideas…”

We hear it all the time. That’s why we love we hearing after the event: “I didn’t know I have good ideas!” We need events and experiences that are well facilitated so we can find common ground and promote big thinking. Once we get the wheels turning, we can make great progress.


Founder energy is contagious. And it changes the world.

Whether you are bootstrapping or venture-backed, on your own or building a team, if your project can benefit from an injection of ideas and energy, Popup Think Tank is the next wave in how causes and brands build engagement.

Startup nonprofits

Small business entrepreneurs 

Artists and advocates

Church community startups

Filmmakers and theater professionals

Environmental justice

Volunteer-driven organizations

Community associations

Food justice groups

Faith-based and religious

Payday lending and financial justice

Youth homelessness

Youth employment

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“We’re disproving the notion that nonprofits just want money.


Every issue and every cause is an opportunity to pause and ask ourselves, as a community, what really matters to us now? How can we flourish together? We serve the founders who are willing to lead us in those questions.”

- Tim Schuster, Popup Think Tank


Social entrepreneur, Junita Flowers, CEO of Junita’s Jar

Learn how Junita grew from a dream to making 90 cookies per minute for domestic abuse (with a re-brand in between).


Let’s see how far we can take this

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