Clarify your strategy, increase revenue, and drive toward the outcomes that matter to you and your team.


We’ve helped 100’s of founders and leaders achieve results. Our experience shapes how we offer consulting services to businesses and organizations that wish to move into the future with energy, clarity, and momentum.

  • Workshops that move teams forward into the future

  • Marketing and customer development that grows revenue and drives results

  • Consulting and coaching to get momentum and keep it

  • Design sprints to test prototypes and get customer feedback in just five days 

  • Strategies that win where you play

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Move the needle on a double bottom line - profit and impact

From fundraising training to business model workshops, we help teams discover and cultivate new and diverse revenue streams that ensure long-term sustainability. Whether you’re a for-profit looking to make an impact, or you’re a mission-driven nonprofit looking for sustainability, we assess business models, create possibilities, and uncover opportunities that move you into the future with the revenue you need to achieve your goals.


Get to market. Launch well. Learn fast.

Launch a product or service with strategic clarity so you can move toward your win. Whether “founder for hire” or a background advisor, our approach to product development includes lean methods, engaging events, customer discovery, and early stage marketing strategies. With each iteration you’ll be smarter and more equipped.


Build your brand around what customers actually want

It’s risky to build your identity around anything other than the voice of customers. We facilitate focus groups and utilize primary research methodologies. Our approach will power your team with customer insights for years.


Reduce risk and uncertainty with strategies that are clear and effective  

You’ve put in 100’s of hours to build a product and culture that works. We want to learn about it, and help you leverage what you’ve done to get to where you are going next. The best way to protect what you’ve built is to take it to the next level.   


“….Tim leads with a commitment to culture that levels up teams and organizations…”

Rarely have I had the opportunity to work with a leader as talented, humble, and hardworking as Tim. A ‘Level 5’ leader and team member in all respects. He played a lead role casting vision, developing strategy and driving execution of a purposeful and complex collaboration between Thrivent and Gloo that led to massive innovation for each of our firms. Tim’s ability to drive a stage-gate innovation process and operate in the midst of ambiguity and changing objectives, was critical to our ultimate success. Perhaps more importantly, Tim leads with a commitment to culture that levels up teams and organizations. I would be thrilled if our paths crossed again in the future. He is a trusted colleague and, now, a good friend.
— Jeff Bojar, Product Owner and General Counsel, gloo (Boulder, CO)
tim schuster

Tim Schuster

Tim Schuster has more than seven years of experience in strategic development, early-stage innovation, and product launch cycles, most recently as Strategic Development Consultant for Thrivent Financial, a Fortune 300 firm. Founder of Popup Think Tank™, a social enterprise platform that connects nonprofit and small business founders with trained facilitators, he has degrees from the University of Minnesota and Bethel University.

  • Founder, Popup Think Tank™

  • Strategic Development Consultant, Thrivent Financial  

  • Entrepreneur in Residence, Church Solutions Group

  • Sr. New Business Development Specialist, brightpeak financial

  • Founder and Pastor, Midtown Church Project

Tim is based in Minneapolis, Minnesota where is lives with his partner, Kelsey, and their two daughters.


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