Become a Facilitator

Popup Think Tank Facilitators are trained to lead powerful events for mission-driven founders in their community.


We aren't consultants. We are Champions.

Facilitators champion the causes, projects, and ideas of founders and entrepreneurs who are launching new projects and organizations.

Who are our member facilitators?

Outrageously generous. Insanely curious. Natural helpers. They are coaches, consultants, faith leaders and advisors. We make their membership experience enjoyable and meaningful so they can lead powerful events for mission-driven leaders and founders.



Discover what it takes to facilitate

Our member facilitators are driven by curiosity, social innovation, and the power of relational networks


Connect with founders and social entrepreneurs

We call it “founder energy.” Facilitators are matched with projects focused on homelessness and poverty, education and economic development, environmental and food justice, or racial equity. Engage with creative projects, artists, designers, musicians, and filmmakers. Our partner organizations are diverse in size, scope, mission, and style, but each is making a difference for the common good.


Facilitate experiences of 30-50 people.

Each Popup Think Tank event is an engaging experience designed to bring people together to generate new ideas, build empathy, and create ownership for projects making a difference. You will facilitate experiences that are energetic, creative, inclusive, and fun.


Less promoting, more leading

We equip each founder and leader with everything they need to promote and share their events with their families, friends, communities, and networks. We also support each event with boosted posts, e-blasts, and social media. This support means less event promoting and more leading for our facilitators.


Meet new people - missionally and authentically

Authentic growth is not just measured in attendance, but also in engagement and personal growth. Get face-to-face with the pressing issues of your city, transforming your team or group to join in the redemptive and restorative projects already underway.


Accelerate relational networks and innovative eco-systems

As a leader, you know the importance of forming partnerships with community organizations, causes, and projects. By championing and serving these founders and influencers, you will build relational equity, serve influencers, and authentically increase the visibility of both their work and your work.

Training, tools, coaching, and community

Access a simple training framework to get equipped to organize powerful experiences. Build new skills, access diverse network, and expand your practice. Ideal for individuals and teams who are looking to engage their cities and communities with relational generosity.

The opportunity to add value

Build bridges between groups, tribes, and networks to cultivate networks of social innovation.

We believe facilitating Popup Think Tanks is a great way to rub elbows with our neighbors, build partnerships, and celebrate the amazing stuff happening in our city.
— Jeremiah Lideen | Founder, Uptown Church


Junita Flowers is the Founder and CEO of Favorable Treats, a social impact venture located in Minneapolis. This is the story of her engagement with Popup Think Tank.


Get started in three easy steps


Sign up for a membership and get immediate access to the training, tools, concise videos, and the five-part planning framework. And, watch your mailbox for the startup kit.  

2) Choose YOUR FIRST partner Founder

Choose from a dynamic and growing list of founders and entrepreneurs who have applied for a Popup Think Tank – each is excited to partner with you for a one-time event designed to catalyze their work and mission.  

3)  Lead, facilitate, and make a difference! 

On your time and on your calendar, you will lead as many or as little events as you’d like, when you like (whether 2 or 15 per year). This is a new and generous way to serve, create, and make a difference. 

What’s included with a membership

Learn about the tools, frameworks, and resources you’ll receive to help you facilitate powerful experiences.

  • Immediate access to video-based training modules, ideal for individuals or teams

  • Five-part planning framework to easily pop-up the experience in a variety of locations

  • Access to a growing community of practitioners and facilitators

  • Receive your startup kit with 6’ x 9’ nylon wall, framework, paper/makers, signage, and event supplies

  • 1:1 coaching and regular webinars

  • Digital and promotional assets, templates, and promotion copy

  • License to use Popup Think Tank name, logo, and platform with unlimited events

  • Marketing support, registration and event management with full automation, boosted posts, and emails blasts for every event you host and facilitate







Schedule a 30-minute demo and learn what it’s like to be a Popup Think Tank facilitator.




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