Lead energizing events for mission-driven founders and change makers in your city.


Grow your network and make an impact

Whether you are networking or building a business, all social change requires building healthy networks.

Learn from innovators and founders

We serve change makers, founders, and leaders so that we authentically increase the visibility and impact of both facilitator and founder. 

Level up and learn new skills

Grow and develop, personally and professionally, and get the confidence to put it into action.


You lead events.

(We’ll take care of the marketing.)

Many leadership development programs promise theory and how-to content, a facilitator membership comes with the people and partnerships you need to take your personal and professional growth to the next level.


Join a growing community of facilitators


We aren’t consultants. We are champions for the causes, projects, and ideas of founders and entrepreneurs by facilitating experiences that leverage brainstorming to increase engagement.


Who can be a facilitator?

Insanely curious. Outrageously generous. Natural helpers.


Member facilitators are 
Nonprofit consultants
Community organizers 
Pastors and faith leaders 

We believe facilitating Popup Think Tanks is a great way to rub elbows with our neighbors, build partnerships, and celebrate the amazing stuff happening in our city.
— Jeremiah Lideen

Flexible. Fun. Energetic.

Lead as many or as few events as you’d like. Choose partners and founders from a growing waiting list. Schedule events aligned with your calendar.


Bring out the best in yourself and others


Leading and facilitating Popup Think Tank is, before anything else, a generous act of service. We simply believe every founder deserves the opportunity to build a community around their mission. The skills and generosity of our facilitators makes it possible.


How to get started

  1. Apply and get trained

Get immediate access to the training, tools, concise videos, and a five-part planning framework. Watch your mailbox for the startup kit.


2. Get matched with event partners

Choose from a dynamic and growing list of founders and entrepreneurs who have applied for a Popup Think Tank.


3. Lead engaging events

As a facilitator, you will serve founders by interviewing and ‘emceeing’ the events for 20 - 40 people.


Membership Pricing 


As a member facilitator, your generosity makes Popup Think Tank accessible to founders, change-makers, movers, and shakers in your community.

$55.00 / month 


$570 / year

After you are accepted, you’ll sign up and get immediate access to the training.


What’s included with a membership?

Learn about the tools, frameworks, and resources you’ll receive to help you facilitate powerful experiences.

  • Video-based training modules, ideal for individuals or teams

  • Five-part planning framework to make planning easy and fun

  • License to use Popup Think Tank name, logo, and platform with unlimited events

  • Access to a growing community of practitioners and facilitators

  • Startup kit with nylon wall, framework, paper/makers, signage, and event supplies

  • 1:1 coaching and regular webinars

  • Digital and promotional assets, templates, and promotion copy

  • Marketing support, registration and event management with full automation for every event you host and facilitate