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As a business leader, you don't take anything for granted. The acceleration of change is increasing, and we only have limited opportunities to expand our reach, make a difference in our community, and bring teams together to collaborate in new ways.



Partner with a local non-profit in your community to offer wisdom, solve problems, share best practices, and generate excitement. In just a few hours, imagine your team helps a non-profit founder or staff  move forward - and along the way, break down silos, collaborate, and build teams. Our team will match you with a non-profit, facilitate the event, and tell the story of how you made a difference. 



The difference between a good meeting and a great meeting is facilitation. Move your group forward with a facilitated ideation, action-planning, focus group, or voice of customer. Learn how we design processes to help groups and teams access new insights and overcome challenges. 


WORKSHOPS and intensives

We leverage research-backed models from a variety of disciplines to engage your team in a half-day learning experience designed to inspire and challenge. From business modeling to making change in a changing world, your team will gain the insights you need to adapt to changing business environments.